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The object that was created for use with the "CRAYON". Only this book is powerful enough to be used with a crayon. Made with paper, and sometimes has pictures in it.
by windexter August 24, 2003
The act of having sex with 2 girls on their period and then ejaculating, urinating, and defecating on one another. One person may be used as the sole "coloring book".
I think I got an infection from that coloring book last friday.

I was a crayon in that hardcore coloring book.
by lard is bad August 20, 2011
The act of ramming your dick so hard and fast into a woman, she begins to bleed. This is when you remove your cock, and begin drawing on her crying face.
Yeah, I drew a picture of a Giraffe on Becky's tear-filled face.
by Kojack December 15, 2003