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A) Well, it's a can of Coors, brewed from a mountain stream. It'll set your insides on fire and make your kidneys scream. Sure is fine.
B) A song by Johnny Paycheck, one of the original outlaws of the 1970's, featured on his 1977 album "Take This Job and Shove It."
"Hey barmaid, bring us all a tall glass of that Colorado Kool-Aid."
by ghostofniggermeeks July 05, 2013
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Coors Beer, brewed in Golden, Colorado.
Wally, who has no sense of taste, bought a case of Colorado Kool-Aid.
by Cap'n Bullmoose May 06, 2005
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some reference to Coors, from a stupid country song probably from the 1970s... the song says its from 2002 - i think it lies. i've never heard it anywhere else... anywhere else. except for here. why is it here?
foreigner, probably from texas: hey, ya'll got some colorado kool-aid, that sets you on fire and makes your kidneys scream?

coloradoan: <blank stare> go back to texas.
by markw2 May 26, 2006
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