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A very fitting nickname for George W. Bush, as given by Danny The Tourettes Guy.
Interviewer - What are your opinions on George W. Bush?
Danny - You mean Colonel Cluster Fuck?
Interviewer - Yeah, him.
Danny - Fuck him! He's an asshole!
by A Profane Legacy June 02, 2007
A new derogatory term referring to President George W. Bush. Popularized by Danny from
"What do you think about George Bush?"

"You mean Colonel Cluster Fuck?"
by Lockdown91 May 20, 2007
someone who is in charge but should'nt be because they are not fit for the job and always fuck things up
everything was going good until colonel clusterfuck came in and fucked it all up again.
by j son May 25, 2009
nickname for the students who go to colonel by secondary school.
Student 1: Hey, colonel cluster fucks!!!

Students 2,3,4,5,6: SHUT UP!! We're not colonel cluster fucks just because we go to colonel by!

Student 1: Yes it does...colonel cluster fucks!!!
by ColonelBy2013 December 08, 2011
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