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Word version of the smiley :3
its pretty much a hamster face,sort of a butt mouth.
You use the when your happy,blissful,peaceful,etc.
Look at my new shoes! :3 Colon three!
by maddiechan December 17, 2006
:3 is a cat face. Used as a sort of cutesy or shy smile, playful or bashful. In real life it would be expressed with a slight, coquettish pursing of the lips.
"Did you get the new picture I sent you? :3" (colon three)
by DaystarEld January 20, 2012
The word-version of :3

Or; how you say :3

It's a multifunctional, all-purpose smiley. Also the sort of face most rodents make.
Guy: My mom died!
Dude: *colonthree*
by Quakeulf August 28, 2009
The smug moustache of smug success.
Orly? :3 (colon three)
by Maffz February 19, 2012
:3 represents two arms covering the mouth, as in, "I'm playfully hiding from what I said.." It is both confidence and submission to the audience.

"we should hang out tomorrow :3" implies that the comment was playful and not completely serious.
hot pic :3 (colon three)
by kujua June 22, 2011
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