Colombian - people from the country of Colombia in South America who usually have extremely beautiful physical features: Known for its beautiful women with blue, green, hazel eyes and brunette hair, and the men with good height and light colored eyes, dark hair. The north of Colombia by Cartagena tends to have darker african mixed people the central and south of colombia usually have the more caucasian light skinned hispanics. Overall colombians are exotic, sexy, and beautiful.
Shakira is one good looking colombian

Taliana Vargas, Miss Colombia was hot
by colombianonononono November 14, 2008
Term use to describe or refer to a select group of latin- american individuals who have been granted and radiate intelligence, wisdom,grace, and physical beauty; yet for some reason we've misused those virtues in order to make illigal profits and/or obtain personal satisfaction. Still Colombians are truly magnificent and envy around the world
Check out that guy/girl, mannn he/she must be Colombian just look how handsome/beautiful he/she is! I wish I were Colombian!.

someguyt:So who won the beauty contest/ Nobel award ?

someOtherGuy: A Colombian, once again! I'm tired of them being perfect at everything!
by dametufuerzapegaso December 17, 2009
a great Latino who is well mannered. Colombian people are probaly the most beautiful people in the world with their amazing physical features. Colombians are very intelligent people.
by A.C.E :D July 01, 2011
Slang for Coca Cola (Coke).
Yo Freda, get me a cold Colombian while you're in the fridge!
by happynoj February 06, 2010
A adjective referring to people or objects originating in the mountainous South American nation of Colombia. The volcanic soil and humid weather makes for ideal coca plant growing conditions, and thus "Colombian" is generally used to describe good, high purity cocaine, regardless of it's point of origin.

Also, public opinion seems to hold that Colombian citizens and immigrants tend to have big, round heads, though like most stereotypes, this probably would not hold up under serious scentific study.
In the film Scarface (1983), the title actor's first dealing with cocaine occurs during a drug deal gone wrong. Needless to say, both the drug and the people who deal it are are columbian. The following is dialogue from that film:

Colombian: Yeah, okay, you gonna give me the cash or am I gonna kill your brother first? 'Fore I kill you?

Tony Montana: Try sticking your head up your ass. See if it fits. (an insult referencing the Columbian's big head).
by Cosmo July 11, 2006
Someone who is basically a Mexican.
Alexander is a Colombian? I would of swore he was Mexican!
by Lorie_82 November 09, 2008
Ultimate drug lords of Latin America if not the world. Original wearers of polyester shirts, cocaina compounds, and Pablo Escobar...the original pimp.
That kid run the streets like a straigh Colombian!
by La Pepe May 10, 2006

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