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A colombian is person of well raised latin background, and is not subjected to the steryotypical latino image.

They are well dressed, well spoken people that come in a variaty of races and heritages. They are known for the best accent in the spanish speaking world, and yes THEY SPEAK SPANISH!!!!!! Everyone else who says they speak "colombian" are ignorant and probably cant even speak spaninh themselves.

Colombia is also known for the world's most beautiful men and women. Our people can range from dark to lightly tan to even pale skin. DON'T JUDGE THEM BY STERYOTYPES!

Although colombia has been known for drugs in the past, it is mostly European and U.S. user that believe in "colombian" drugs as the best.

The truth is that we colombian's are proud to be who we are.

Oh, and the guy who thought that Scarfacewas a useful reference to colombian's have probably never met one in person.
colombians are proud to be who they are.
by colombiancoffee July 10, 2008

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