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A well-mannered Latino that dresses decently and is intelligent
Man did you see that guy, he was like all colombain with his polite vocabulary and all
by Lucas Alvarez August 08, 2005
A colombian is person of well raised latin background, and is not subjected to the steryotypical latino image.

They are well dressed, well spoken people that come in a variaty of races and heritages. They are known for the best accent in the spanish speaking world, and yes THEY SPEAK SPANISH!!!!!! Everyone else who says they speak "colombian" are ignorant and probably cant even speak spaninh themselves.

Colombia is also known for the world's most beautiful men and women. Our people can range from dark to lightly tan to even pale skin. DON'T JUDGE THEM BY STERYOTYPES!

Although colombia has been known for drugs in the past, it is mostly European and U.S. user that believe in "colombian" drugs as the best.

The truth is that we colombian's are proud to be who we are.

Oh, and the guy who thought that Scarfacewas a useful reference to colombian's have probably never met one in person.
colombians are proud to be who they are.
by colombiancoffee July 10, 2008
Colombians are a group of well mannered usually middle class to rich latin people. They like to drive sickass cars and wear sickass clothes. Unlike mexicans, colombians (guys) are tall, dark, black/brown eyes with black hair. The steorotype that colombians sell cocaince and weed is not true at all. It may have been true a decade ago but recently colombia has legalized its industy.
*sickass ferrari drives by*

ME- damn, that must have been a colombian.
by someguy7567 September 05, 2006
Colombians are world known for the production of cocaine, weed and terrorist gurilla gangs. yet people should concentrate on what it means to be colombian, the pride of the most beautifil country in latin america. the traditions of aguardiente, rancheras and horseriding en la finca. But most of all for the luck of having the most beautiful women found in latin america fully LATIN..unlike brazil,peru ect who boast women who are almost black. Colombia holds high the women who are truely latin with slightly tanned skin, pronounced and extraordinary curves dark wavy/curly hair and dark eyes- not foud anywere else in latin america.
Example of cocaine production in- 50cents film
Example of colombian beautiful women - most rnb and hip hop videos!
by Lilian311004 August 20, 2006
people with the best latino background

only the illest gangstas alive are colombian
holla at me
Yea did u see dat colombian mafucka take out dat boy wit dat AK! Yea he da shit right there. Yea da only da illest G's alive.
by Joker187 April 08, 2005
One of the most kind and hospitable people in the whole world. It's a country with great variety, so a Colombian can be the stereotypical swarthy latino (mestizo), black, white, mulatto, sambo, a native, an european... well, anything. Not everyone looks like Juan Valdez, moreover, it's very hard to find this kind of people settle in the large cities (It's like thinking that every American is a Redneck. Even less are drg consumers, almost everything, from emeralds to cocaine, is given to someone else, so there are not nearly as much stoneheads as you would think.
Juan Pablo Montoya is Colombian (tough he is a bastard xD)
Shakira is (almost, but not quite) colombian.
Carlos Valderrama is Colombian, as is Sofia Vergara, Juan Pablo Angel, and many other people I can't remember.
by colombia rulez December 11, 2007
Decent Latin Americans, who ahve invented and developed more things science wise and in technology than americans, the latinos working at NASA for example are mostly Colombians. Very smart people.

With a very low consuption of drugs, unlike US or Europe, who are the principal buyers.

Very decent people, well mannered and well dressed, Not as many meztizo skin colored people, usually u see everything including lots of blonds,and many people with pale skin, also indians that come from the Ecuador and Peru Because Colombia is much better to live in. Also u see dark skined people and people are usually very beautiful with unique features, and no they dont ahve big heads, the guy who said that simply ahs never been to Colombia.

Colombia has all the possible climates on the world on its territory and it has access to two seas,Many great inventios were created by Colmbians including laser eyes surgery and much more. Colombia is the second happiest place in the world, and the leader on surgery procedures,so if you ever want a great surgery with great medics, your best choice would be Colombians, thet are hard workers and most of the country has gone to collge and own their own bussiness.Also most of the Colombian population speak english or other language so its easy to comunicate with them, the cities are very safe compared to other latin American ciies and it has the most variety.

Colombia has won many times the award as literature capital of the world, also it hots the biggest rock festival of latin america in its capital city, Bogota.

Bogota and other cities of Colombia have had very famous artist, like Shaggy, Iron Maiden, Nightwish, The Rasmus, Sean Paul, Marc Anthony...

There are also many famous Colombians and ppl with colombian heritage aorund the world.
by Kaaaaaaaaaaaaawaaa April 02, 2008
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