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The several minutes of incessant sniffing that a cocaine user experiences after insufflating a line. So-called because cocaine is seen in the public eye as a largely Colombian export, and because of sniffling's association with the flu.
Chris: You sure are sniffling a lot, man.
Kevin: Yeah. Bad case of Colombian Flu.
by Cosmo February 05, 2007
having sinus problems, for example: runny nose, sniffles, congestion,etc. due to an all night cocaine binge. Typically the person will not be run down but alert and energetic.
" I think Heather has some bad allergies today, but they don't seem to be slowing her
down." --
-- "Nah, she has the Colombian Flu!"
by Mic Mysteriouz October 23, 2008
The incessant sniffling that inevitably follows insufflating a line of cocaine. So called because cocaine is a stereotypically Colombian export, and sniffling is a symptom of flu.
Chris: Yo, Kev, man, why you keep sniffling like that?
Kevin: Just a bad case of Colombian Flu.
by Cosmo February 03, 2007