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An act performed by fantasy football participants wherein two teams conspire to help one team win by pulling shenanigans such as lopsided trades or dropping a great player when the other party has waiver wire priority. It is truly the lowest form of human behavior.
Team 1: Hey, I'll trade you my backup QB for your best wide receiver and when I win the championship, we'll split the money!

Team 2: Okay, collusion sounds good since I'm 3-7 anyway.
by Misty Yazzerstein November 21, 2013
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a conspiracy, a secret society that does illegal activities such as drug dealing.
want to join my collusion?
by collusion October 09, 2004
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Meeting with someone with an enormous cock. Knowing someone with a penis the size of a black man.
I'm in collusions with this guy across the street, he's 12 inches limp!
by Mr. Shaggswell May 10, 2010
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***This definition deals strictly with race/racism racial identity and social justice** Thinking and acting in ways which directly or indirectly support the system of racism. Both White and People of Color can collude with racism through their attitudes, beliefs and actions. Can be described as selling out, going along to get along, etc.
A Black (or any other race) woman (or man) in the office who sacrifices her racial ethnic identity, who ignores the fact that she was chosen only to make the company look diverse and that because she is there the company feels they don't have to hire any more Blacks or People of Color. This woman has colluded (the act of collusion) and for her silence and obedience, the company may give her a promotion.
by Mr. Andrew April 28, 2006
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