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A collaborator, catalyst, muse and dominatrix mixed into one.

Someone you ad or bring into the mix at an early stage of creative development when you feel something is missing but you just don't know what.

A confidante who will inspire you to get out of bed in the morning and start what you finished, or make something new and even better.

A modern-day artist's muse who actually gets some credit (rather then the tortured silent suffering uncredited muses of yesteryear.)
Coca-Cola employed a major ad agency to develop their new campaign but it wasnt until a collaboratrix was called into the office, that the team really got their pitch together.

A collaboratrix catalyses ideas in the people she agrees/decides to work with.

A collaboratrix's work involves brainstorming, goal setting, bringing out the best in people and being spontaneious.

The talented genius worked alone in his little studio painting everyday, once he met a collaboratrix his art was taken to a whole new level- global exhibitions, magazine spreads and a lot of buzz followed.

The collaboratirx is more goal focused andbossier then an old-fashioned muse.

To be a collaboratrix you have to be able to put your ego to one side and focus on win-win ideas and solutions.
by Giada D. June 28, 2009
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