is the combination of fecal mater, seaman, and blood.
John was having anal sex with his girlfriend causing tearing to the inner anus which resulted in bleeding john proceeded to ejaculate into the anus when he pulled out his penis was coated in a thin layer of "colitma" (fecal mater, seaman,and blood)
by spencer plummer March 26, 2008
Top Definition
A somewhat gelatinous, yet considerably vile, mixture of blood, semen, and fecal matter.

Often, it is the direct result of hours-worth of a raunchy anal sex marathon. It can be stored in jars and may be used as an inexpensive pickling substance.
John was having anal sex with his girlfriend, Corrine, causing terrible tearing to the inner anus, which resulted in tremendous bleeding. John then proceeded to ejaculate into the anus of his significant other. When he pulled out, his penis was coated with a thin layer of colitma.

Filiberto thought it was funny to give Loretta a dirty sanchez using the colitma he saved from their last anal romping.

Matt enjoys making and consuming colitma sausages, colitma shakes, and raw colitma.
by Johnny Foldinhalf December 02, 2009
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