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Colegasm refers to the explosion of semen, blood, and flesh uttered from the male reproductive system after ejaculation. In order for one to reach "Colegasm" stage, one must first use acupuncture in the foreskin of the penis via needles. Then one's partner must tie a sturdy know on the trunk of the penis to cut off all blood flow, creating pressure and colors such as variations of blue or purple. The partner then finishes the job via oral sex or other acts of intamacy until one is in the need of ejaculation. When in the course of ejaculation, semen builds up in the penis adding immense pressure. The last needed step is for the parter to strike down, with either foot or tool, on the blood riddled penis. The explosion that occurs has the force of a five pound plastic explosive. The partner may want to stand over twenty feet away to avoid flying pieces of flesh. Then one knows he has achieved a "Colegasm". This experience is noted as quite pleasuring and satisfying, yet may have harmful results.
My wife Nancy and I experimented with the "Colegasm" technique with splendid results
by A Crazed White Man February 19, 2009
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