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Is what fans of the British Alternative Rock Band Coldplay call themselves.
and with great pride.

Coldplayers are usually as mellow as the music they listen to and are usually also fond of Oasis Radiohead, U2, Jeff Buckley, The Beatles and Nirvannah.

Hardly one to pick a fight, but quick to defend the music they love, Coldplayers are usually at least marginally good looking and intelligent, friendly, compassionate folk, especially amongst their fellow coldplayers.

Just dont insult their music or one of them might punch you in the zipper.
Girl on the Bus: Man I cant wait for the concert on the 4th I saved up to see them for sooo long.

Guy on the Bus: Who are you going to see?

Girl otb: Coldplay, they're so amazing. I'm a hardcore fan, Ive got all their cds and a 3 t-shirts

Guy otb: Aww... I was going to go but I had to spend the money on my grandmas funeral expenses.

Girl otb: Thats so sad! Ill tell you what, you can come with me!

Guy otb: Your so sweet, thankyou so much.

Random Douchebag: Coldplay suck, listen to some REAL music, like Metal and hardcore shit.. like Slipknot

Guy: hey man dont be a music fascist, chill out.

Random Douchebag: Coldplay is GAY!!!

Girl on the bus: *sparta kicks Douchebag in the nuts and off the moving bus. "Dont fuck with a Coldplayer, asshole!"
by ajaxxxx January 27, 2010
Taken from the name of the band...meaning someone who is very boring, bland, uninteresting, unexciting, whiney and unimaginative, but whom everyone seems to like on the surface as it would be uncool not to like him.
Following the coldplayers like stupid herds of sheep cuz everyone else seems to be doing/liking something.
by MissyM May 06, 2005
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