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The worst musical duo in history. Two guys (named Earthworm in Cowboy Hat and Cheese Coat MacTafferson) sing horribly over pre-made music. The get off on not making any sense, therefore, they dont have many - if any - fans. They can be viewed at www.myspace.com/coldman5. Some of their classic songs include, "Licking the Floor Dry of Parnda Bears", "Ruptured Colons on the Floor Floor Floor", "L", "Dr. Da Da Do and the Widget Crackers", "Oops There Goes a Humpback Whale", "Legend of Pancake Waffles", "What Are You Looking At Jack Nicholson" and "You're the Only Girl Who Can Finish Off My Hot Dog Sundae".
ColdmaN5 is THE WORST BAND EVER! I vomited TWICE after listening to one song.
by Earthworm in Cowboy Hat August 27, 2008
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