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A no life nerd who spends 23 hours of his day RuneCrafting on RuneScape and 30 minutes sleeping. He claims to be a big time football player but how can you be when you consintly are "breaking ur bones" (not true) and giving that reason on why your on RuneScape 24/7. He never talks to his friends unless they have a high rank in something.
timmy: Hey dude, did you pull a cold steele yesterday? john: yeah dude, i sat at my comp til my eyes dried out from runecrafting for 5 days then my friend i knew for 3 years tried talking to me and i turned my private chat off! :D i feel so e-cool.
by phillyfann September 09, 2009
One badass Urban Terror player.
1337, leet, reet, leetness..
by Nixon May 03, 2004
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