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A pretty weird town just north of Burlington, VT which is home to rich snobby people on the Malletts Bay side of town and more quiet, average people on the Village side of town. The north side is full of humongous mansions (if you can find them in the enormous forests). It's like the third largest populated town in Vermont. Yet another VT town with nothing to do after dark unless you want to drink at scuzzy bars, go galactic bowling or go to a drive in during the summer months. The high school has a lot of students, and they are all divided into their own groups. If you can't find anyone around colchester in the summer months, its probably because they are at one of the towns 90000 marinas putting their boats in. Colchester has the area's only Technical Rescue Team. Saint Michael's College is also within the limits of Colchester (its just a college for rich kids, kind of like UVM). What else? Yeah not much. It's got the area's only Costco! And a pond...a big one...and a lake. Yeaaaahhhhhh
Your mom: "Why is that kid wearing a Laker shirt and walking around like he owns the place?"
You: "Oh, he's just from Colchester, VT"
by SGT-peanut-butter-jelly-time August 09, 2011
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