The illigitimate offspring created as a result of a cod and a frog mating
Mr C Cod and Mrs C Frog are happy to announce the arrival of their first cog.
by Diddly von Diddler August 13, 2007
1. A cat that thinks it is a dog or a dog that thinks it is a cat.
Oh wow. my cog fetches AND enjoys catnip!!
by DarkSetzer March 10, 2006
Cow + Dog = Cog :)
by YaMaammmaaa May 10, 2010
short for cognitively disabled (aka retarded)
You fucking cog you just broke my guitar!
by Dr.Suess March 28, 2006
An enemy of OGG second cousin to BOG. be careful of unlikly visits from an ogg they are of great danger to a birthday party.
god damn that ogg just wrecked the whole party! AGAIN????
by LOKTAR November 28, 2003
One of the many terms for the manflower or man flower, the shaft the cock. Basically to all you dumb motherfuckers out there it means the penis, the bishop. Not the beaver because thats a bitches cooch . If youre a dude its that junk that hangs between your legs.

Also, a slang term used when referring to a penis set that has been infected with the rare disease Penile Scrotal Coggloritus. See coggler
That bitch rocked my cog all night long.

He has a cog. He's a coggler, isn't it obvious just take a look at his haggard, beastilized, mutated tea bag.
by Ashen Skies. October 19, 2003
slang for cock/penis
Suck my cog.
by Butchie December 19, 2003

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