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An airsofter who buys airsoft guns or other such airsoft items based on their love of the popular first person shooter franchise Call of Duty. Such a person is often looked down upon by other airsofters.
"Dude! I got a commando! Is it not awsome?" "Uhh, thats an M-4..." "No! I saw it in Black Ops! It's called a commando!" "What a codsofter."
by {KMK} November 17, 2011
An airsoft player who began playing airsoft because he thought it would be just like call of duty and then he could brag to all of the other 12 year olds playing COD that he played airsoft.
Airsofter: I'm tired of all of these Codsofters not calling their hits when I shot them from 20 feet away.

Codsofter: No you just can't aim
by The Very Merry Crusader January 11, 2015

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