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A fag (Faggot -> Homosexual -> Uncool person) who plays Cod (Call of Duty -> Possibly the most overrated game of all time. Oh wait, Halo.)
Also a term for a player who TOTALLY NO-LIFES the game.
Kid: Lyk omfgg cod4 is liek teh besterest games EVAR
Nintend Fanboy/Halo Fanboy/WoW Fanboy: Lol codfag.
See Call of Duty 4.
by JAYHACHE September 07, 2009
1. A popular term across the internet used to describe people who play the video game, Call of Duty. The term is mainly used by people who segregate the Call of Duty Fan Base from the rest of the world, people who play other games(i.e. Halo, Battlefield 3, Gears of War, etc.), or people who just straight up hate the game after hearing that their best friend hates it. It is a mixture of the abbreviation, "CoD" and the word faggot.

2. A bundle of cod fish.
Non-Codfag: Hah. Look at that codfag. He needs to get a life and stop fapping with his controller vibrations.
Non-Codfag 2: I really want to slit that codfag's throat. Fucking retard.

2. Fisherman: It looks like I caught a codfag!

Fish Shop Person: That's a big codfag! Here's your pay for today's catch!
by X3n0 April 26, 2013
Derogatory name for Call of Duty fanboys. These people play nothing but Call of Duty and proclaim it as the greatest game of all time. If you say anything remotely negative about Call of Duty to a codfag, they will defend the game vehemently, and they believe everyone who hates Call of Duty just sucks at it.

It is highly recommended to avoid any conversation or make eye contact with the codfag, as doing so will see your IQ drop and your brain cells die.
codfag: Dude COD Ghosts is gonna be da best game evar!

Gamer: Easy man, I wouldn't go that far. I don't think it looks that good, but that's just my opinion.

codfag: U serious?!?!? COD is the best! U just suck at it bro quit hatin u n00b!

Gamer: Ah, so you're the typical codfag. Since I don't like Call of Duty, that automatically means I suck at it. Right....
by zuawg October 19, 2013
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