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Out of car to investigate

Police radio code, United States
Used by law enforcement personnel over radio.
Dispatch, we are Code 6 at ____
by Praetor January 21, 2004
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USAF Security Forces radio brevity code to indicate going to the bathroom. Code 6 refers to urinating, while Code 6 Bravo refers to taking a shit.
Control: "Security Four what's your status?"
Security Four: "Code 6 Bravo"
Control: "Copy that. Advise when you are negative. Control Out."
by USAFCOP December 24, 2007
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The announcement made whilst shopping in a big w store when a extremely hot female enters the store... allowing a prompt response by all male employees to head to the location for observational purposes.
"Code 6 to womanswear"
by stiffy o April 05, 2009
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at Lowe's, calling a code-6 means theres a hunny down that aisle or at that location. used particularly by the lumber boys
ex1: Cee-lowe over the intercom: We have a code-6 at the pickets, code-6 to the pickets.

ex2: Fred: You see this shit at customer service? god damn!
Nik: call out the code-6 let the boys know
by thunderthievez July 05, 2009
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Hey, put that bread in the code 6.
by stevie September 13, 2003
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