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when a homeless guy joins a bank just to get the card he can swipe to get into the 24 hour indoor ATM to sleep inside
guy 1: bruh i jus went into the ENT at midnight and is smelled like whiskey there was a bum in there snoozin.

guy 2: homie did tha bloop n holla
by thunderthievez July 05, 2009
word, fa sho
guy 1: bruh we should hella do it ultra large tonite with some brews and some sluts out at my joint

guy 2: schwuermb
by thunderthievez June 10, 2009
dude hella answer the door with nothing but a humongous bonazz and a polo
by thunderthievez June 10, 2009
at Lowe's, calling a code-6 means theres a hunny down that aisle or at that location. used particularly by the lumber boys
ex1: Cee-lowe over the intercom: We have a code-6 at the pickets, code-6 to the pickets.

ex2: Fred: You see this shit at customer service? god damn!
Nik: call out the code-6 let the boys know
by thunderthievez July 05, 2009
originally when your driving a forklift and you dont stop when your pickin up a pallet you just run into it and lift without slowing down. also when ur pickin up a buddy in a hurry and make him/her get in the car without stopping completely
example1: my man Cee-lowe lost his fork license at lowe's for doin the scoop and roll on some pickets and dumped the bunk in the entryway.

example2: son i tripped and fell tryin to get in Kslice's ride when we was doin a scoop and roll and that nigga jus kept on goin. he was in a rush, i missed my opp
by thunderthievez July 05, 2009
to lay mad pipe on hoes, namely in a competition amongst buddies
guy 1: dude you in the hustle dick off '09 with me and kyle right?

guy 2: nah man i cant hustle dick right now i have a girlfriend

guy 1: pussy
by thunderthievez June 11, 2009
to take a long, drawn out dump while on the clock at work in order to kill time and relax.
Rick: that motherfucker Corey has been in the back for 30 minutes what's he doin?

Kslice: Cee-lowe dun shmoop a poop
by thunderthievez July 05, 2009
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