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Sweeping generality for actually saying something exciting and original if you get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to use the cashier's intercom at Walmart or a similar franchise; ie, if you say "Cleanup in Aisle 69" or "Code Red in Feminine Hygiene Products" or make way off base sex sounds, this is NOT a Code Paisley, and you fail.
Walmart cashier to the person in front of you: Let's go look for that.
You, to intercom, in accent of choice: Attention, valued Walmart customers, we have a Code Paisley. I repeat, we have a Code Paisley, all badly dressed old women please evacuate immediately. Other valued Walmart customers, please remain calm and follow protocol and the danger will soon be passed. Thank y-
Walmart cashier: Get off of that! Do you want to get me fired from the career opportunity of a lifetime?!
by WalmartLove September 30, 2009
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