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The term used to describe people acting affectionate to each other publicly.
Heyy theres a code 4 over there , wow there really into each other.
by OhMyBad March 25, 2010
No futher assistance neccesary

Police radio code, United States
Used by law enforcement personnel over radio.
10-david to all units, we are Code 4 here
by Praetor January 21, 2004
code 4 is also a firefighter / emt term. meaning the victim is dead and there will be no attempt to resuscitate.
emt 1 : central dispatch this is mercey 1 the victim is code 4.

dispatch : mercey 1 understand victim is code 4.
by d-slo May 22, 2006
Noun- Term Designed to inform fellow co-workers that an attrative woman has entered the work environment
1. Theres a Code 4 over there.
2. Get a load of the code 4 by the door.
by Hov' January 09, 2005
the bread proofer at Subway
Hey, after you're done with that, get the code 4.
by stevie September 13, 2003