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In reference to blocking your cock via COD. When you realize a booty call text an hour late because you were playing Call of Duty.
I looked at my phone and got a text from Adeile wanting me to come over. Black Ops totally cod blocked me.
by Dudememyomen April 13, 2011
Prevented from being able to play Call of Duty because a friend and/or sibling is already playing it.
Yo, I'm gonna go play some Call of Duty!

Can't. Dave's already playing.

Darn. Codblocked again.
by Phoenix Warfunden July 25, 2010
Similar to cockblocked.

If you were cod-blocked or codblocked, something completly unimportant or pointless was keepeing you from playing COD (Call of Duty). Or something happens that eliminates your chances of a great accomplishment.
See cockblocked
Guy 1: "Why do you look so sad?"
Guy 2: "Man I got cod-blocked yesterday! I was one kill from a nuke when the power went out!"

"Man I got codblocked yesterday"
"Girlfreind stole the game and hid it so I'd spend more time with her"
by icanhazafunny February 25, 2010
when something or someone prevents you or stops you from playing any Call of Duty game.
"Hey how come you got off live last night so early?"
"My dad COD blocked me."
by mw3fanatic November 14, 2011
Not being aloud proper call of duty, or gaming time, because spending time with a girlfriend took up your night. Not to be confused with the term Cock Blocker.
Ya dude i totally got COD blocked by my girlfriend.
by MasterBAMF January 07, 2011
When someone or something prevents you from playing Call of Duty.
Jake: Hey, get online I need some help in Call of Duty.
Steve: Sorry, I can't. My girlfriend CoD blocked me, so I have to go out to dinner with her and her parents.
by Savageman89 May 23, 2010
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