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Coconut Water is when you collect the male ejaculation after sexual intercourse and is then placed into a plastic container that is stored under the bed. It is left under the bed to ferment and is being added to once a day. After a week the next time sexual intercourse is initiated the container is opened and the spoiled/rotten stench of the ejaculation is used as an aphrodisiac. Each Participant takes a big whiff before engaging in intercourse to get the full effect.
"Billy and sally have been collecting coconut water for a month now and are going to rip it open tonight."

"Hey baby, Wanna come back to my place? I've got some '47 Coconut water"
by Dr.Neko April 02, 2012
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Hip people are drinking coconut water as a natural energy drink.

Sadly, claims of great health benefits are unfounded!
Coconut water tastes like dishwater mixed with Fresca.
by quesondriac November 26, 2013
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After sexual intercourse the male ejaculation is collected and placed in to a plastic container and then stored under the bed. The next time sexual intercourse is initiated the container of spoiled/rotten ejaculation is opened and the Aroma is used as an Aphrodisiac.
Hey baby, wanna come back to my place and use some Coconut water?
by Dr.PornMonstar March 10, 2012
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