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a dum ass..someone that dosen't make sense..or is just tryna be funny
y u gotta b such a cockus??
by 1Estrella September 24, 2007
The event in Iowa every four years that we have to brag about like it's the greatest thing in the world. Everyone thinks it's huge, but belive me, an Iowan, it's not that big.
The world talks about Iowa's huge cockus, but when all is said and done, it really wasn't as big as we expected.
by grayjk January 04, 2008
A rooster is a male, a hen is a female, and a cockus is a he/she! ...Or you know, its a cock.
See cockus erectus <--- XD
That's a nice cockus you have on your farm, how much is it?

<Insert naughty sentence here.>
by Xerz December 28, 2004