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1.) A girl who flirts with boys but has no intention of hooking up with them. Often giving them the impression that she has interest, but this will usually lead into a trap, or essentially "tricking" the boy into developing feelings for the girl. And in turn the boy will be stunned when he is rejected. Girls who do this are typically whores, and/or starved for attention. AVOID AT ALL COST!
2.) A girl who dresses provocatively, often focusing on her breasts, or ass as highlighted features to help draw attention of males. She uses this to arrouse boys at her disposal if successful. Hence the term "Cockteaser". On a sidenote: these girls will tend to act innocent as if they didn't know what they were doing, or what is going on. If a cocktease should ever give you the line "Well you read too much into it." SIMPLY RESPOND: "NO SHIT COCKTEASE, YOU GAVE OUT ALL THE SIGNALS YOU FUCKING WHORE!" OR "JESUS, YOUR SUCH A FUCKING COCKTEASE!"
Hannah talks to Eric and gives him several hints that she likes him. Some are subtle, but most are obvious. Over the course of time he will develope a friendship with the cocktease, and eventually ask her out on a date. When this happens she will either flat-out reject him or give him some lame brain excuse. When in reality, Hannah is fucking black guys in mall-parking lots left & right and God knows where else. Hannah is liar/cunt/whore...but above all, A COCKTEASE!
by Newsflash February 19, 2008
188 86
a girl that leads a guy to believe that she's going to have sex with him, then doesnt. or pleases him to the point of almost orgasm and doesnt let him have it
the guys laughed at joe for getting stuck with that little cock tease because he wasnt getting any.
by Dawn June 15, 2002
1129 215
A girl who flirts with a guy and pretends to put out but when the time comes she won't.
Sherrie was such a cocktease, she came on to Chad but wouldn't put out
by Niki January 16, 2003
714 141
a girl who gets you sooo hard you think you're gonna get sex, but when the time comes, alas, no sex.
You're such a cocktease. How long are you gonna make me wait?
by sexy s April 13, 2004
518 109
1. A female who is usually significantly more attractive than the man she appears to be with that will flirt with him a lot and get him to spend a lot of money for the prospect of sex, and then abruptly fuck him over (in the figurative sense of course) by never talking to him again and/or dumping the shit out of him via the bulletproof lets be friends method.

Cock teases are typically thought to be the minions of a larger, more evil force.
Random Co-Worker: "So whats going on with you and Stacy?"
Stupid Sucker: "I spent 50 bucks on that cock tease and she won't even return my calls."
by Billy December 31, 2003
591 274
A girl who is flirtacious with almost any member of the opposite sex and pretending it is only innocent behavior, often with the primary intention of fishing for compliments
She was such a cocktease that she even flirted with an 80 year-old wilted man to garner some compliments.
by Andrew February 13, 2003
471 168
1.(n.)One who cockteases.

2.(v.)To purposely become enticing to a male to the point of giving him a hardon, or in most cruel cases, blue balls, with no intention of follow through; to lead a man on.
1."Man, she's such a cocktease."

2."Dude, this girl totally cockteased me just now. I had to pour ice down my pants."
by bushsalad July 22, 2006
271 71
Evil whore who flirts with you a lot and manages to fleece you like a sheep for everything you are worth in a false anticipation that you will gain mindblowing sex in exchange for what you do. Well, the end result is that she gets what she ants and you get fucked in the figurative sense and must go back to the old threesome of me, myself, and I.
That girl is such a cocktease. I gave her a gold necklace and she took my heart. THAT BITCH!!!!!!!!
by Not so super DJ Gennady February 24, 2003
419 248