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An event in which a friend accidentally and unwantingly sees another friend's dick. This may also include any awkward aftermath.
I walked in on Chris changing the other day and saw his dick. We haven't been able to look each other in the eyes's been a total cocktastrophe.
by Gusselsprout February 25, 2011
when giving a bj, you actualdently bite off the cock.
"AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN SEE THE LIGHT"
"oh no! get him to the hospital, its a cocktastrophe!:
by Paul Webb September 15, 2003
So many men with penises, not including Wendy Williams, in the same room that their is about to be a catastrophe. Cocktastrophes have lead to some of the worst fights and wars in the history of the world. Including Kim and Nene fighting on real houswives of Atlanta.
There are so many men in that room that there is about to be a cocktastrophe. This is the same as a Vagaster buy with cocks.
by asperger's September 04, 2012
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