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An individual who gains cock through the art of deception.
Kyle is such a cockswindler! He can be so rude!
by Riskbreaker2987 May 24, 2007
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one who loves to swindle the cock
derek is a cock swindler
by ricky bales February 05, 2004
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N. A person guilty of swindling cocks, resulting in undesired sexual attention (usually after intercourse). A rare accusation, but feasible depending on the gender of the people arguing the matter. Ex. A gay couple: the pitcher may accuse the catcher of "cock swindling", meaning that the catcher stole the pitcher's cock after sex when he didn't want to fuck around.
Garrett, GOD DAMMIT, I'm trying to sleep you cock swindler!
by Bryan !!! July 26, 2006
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One who steals glances of other people's penises while they are emptying their bladders.
I saw that cockswindler staring at your dick.
by RM June 25, 2003
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