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A moment when the cock stops beating and its functions die because of an ugly ass bitch sighting.
Omg..look at that fuckin cockstopper.

Dude..your moms a cockstopper.
by Ray December 07, 2003
5 4
1. Noun: A girl/boy who stops stroking the meat RIGHT when you are about to cum. This term only applies to a Handjob/Blowjob but only when the orgasm is ruined.
Alex: Hey dan your mom is a cock stopper! She stopped suckin RIGHT when I began to shoot it and it ruined my orgasm.
by Pectabyte August 03, 2006
17 4
A guy or girl that initiates sex then won't give it up. tease
I was so horny last night , and Michael was being a stupid cockstopper.
by Your Mom November 27, 2004
5 2
A valve used in chemistry for titrations that controls the flow of a liquid (preferably white). They are prone to leakage and can cause a large, white mess. Cock stoppers are sometimes refereed to as "cocks" for short.
Dude did you see his 'cock was leaking? That will make a mess! Those cock stoppers are so gay!
by shoeman123 June 02, 2011
1 0
a girl with a huge honker that stops the schlong from fully penetrating the throat.
I tried to get some deep throat action from her but that bitch has a huge cockstopper!
by fordposse August 29, 2008
3 2
a female that has a large nose, hence preventing her from performing an proper blowjob.
did you see the cock stopper on that bitch?
by jerryduschbag January 11, 2011
1 1
1. Finding out the "woman" you are bedding has a penis. In all but 1% of men this is known to stop the cock dead in it's tracks returning to it's flaccid form.
See Eddie Murphy.
by Bud E Love May 16, 2003
9 9