A male who's penis has hair growing all over it. It could be at the base, just the underside of the penis, or all over it up to the head. Either way, it's disgusting as fuck and should be shaved.
Yeah, he was a total "Cocksquatch" though!
by Neorift September 24, 2010
Top Definition
A conjunction of "cock" and "sasquatch", used to pejoratively describe someone who is being a spectacularly massive dick.
"That cocksquatch just cut me off! Now I must kill him and eat his skin!"
"If you don't desist in these acts of cocksquatchery, I shall be forced to kill you and eat your skin."
"Did you hear about this Hitler guy? Apparently, he was a total cocksquatch. I wish someone had killed him and eaten his skin."
by Chest Strongwell May 17, 2013
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