Top Definition
The saliva (spit) left around a penis (cock) after being deepthroated
"Lap that cockspit up, Maggie"

"There was so much cockspit, I thought it was an eel"

"Oi, cockspit... fuck off"
by timo_cash August 01, 2008
When you gotta piss real bad during the act of hardcore sex, but you cant piss because weird gland in your cock that stops you so when your done boneing, and able to put your girl in a yellow shower, a very, VERY thick piece of cum flies out that looks like flem.
Guy 1: Dude guess what!?!?!?!

Guy 2: What???

Guy 1: I got Cock Spit right in Jessica's ear

Guy 2:AWSOME!!!
by DoubleOh!Se7en or SgtMustard April 23, 2010
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