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Cockshark is a mythical member of the shark family. It is unique from other sharks in that the forward fifth of its body resembles the head of a circumcised human penis. At this time, two color variations are known to exist. A common pink variety and a rarer day-glo orange morp. The cockshark was created by the Brooklyn, NY street artist team of Enzo and Nio. Used as a sticker campaign by the duo, the cockshark is often placed within a context to draw attention to a greater absurdity which may surround it. The cockshark's normal mythical range would appear to be the New York City area, but some evidence suggests that the species has turned up as far away as London, England, New Zealand, Australia, Iceland and Brazil.
I was walking in Manhattan this morning and damn if I didn't see a school of cocksharks swimming around a Lifetime Network poster.
by CryptozoologicalDude February 12, 2012
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A woman so infatuated by male genitalia that when male genitalia is sensed nearby or offered directly, she attacks it with the ferocity of a shark after a wounded seal.
Damn! Christine went after that guy like a sex predator! What a fucking cock shark!
by TheBlackestKidsY'know August 18, 2011
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