a cock robber is a girl who steals your guy before or after you're done with him, also a skank.
i really thought we were gonna get it in then that cock robber bitch stole him, wtf???
by sohighicaneatastar January 06, 2011
Top Definition
One who steals penises.
That cockrobber! I hope my insurance will pay for my new penis.

The cockrobber stole the man's penis while he was watching "Friends."

God! Pete is whipped! His girlfriend is a real cockrobber...figuratively!
by The Charles October 28, 2003
A female cock-blocker. This female blocks access to a cock by intercepting and stealing the cock that is already being pursued by another girl.
I was totally going to get with Rick, but that cock robber Jewels stole him! That bitch.
by ValSamNick April 06, 2011
A person who not only cock-blocks you completely, but also steals the action that you may have gotten.
I was hitting on this chick at the bar, right? But some guy with a motorcycle showed up and she left with him after he got her drunk, he was a total Cock-Robber.
by FeedYourMommaRight October 19, 2010
n. Medium insult, used to imply that the target tends to break into mortuaries and biology labs in order to steal severed penises to pleasure themselves with.
Go fuck yourself, cockrobber.
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