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The plural to "Cocknose, Cock Nose"
Ugh, What cockny!
They're all cockny.
Ew, cockny.
by simonstalker October 05, 2008
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People from the east end of London, where there are chavs and g's that are known for their cockney slang. They are called cockneys. The east side has pretty much a separate language, completely different to any other place and so these people are commonly called cocknys rather than Londeners
This word is better spelt coqnys / coqnies to seem less rude
1 'Bruh his a scouser right ? You said he was from Liverpool ?
2 'No he lives in livapool now but his home town is london, i guess his one of us cocknys
by FamalamFamzee January 01, 2015

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