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cocknot /kok-not/ adjective

- adjective

1. symbolically having a penis in a knot or a knotted penis thus indicating diminished manhood for all purposes.

2. To be a complete idiot.
Dumbass A: Homo!
Dumbass B: Queer!
Dumbass A: Faggot!
Dumbass B: Cocknot!

Homie A: Yo eva since he been with that biatch we don see his ass no moe'.
Homie B: She has him pussywhipped dawg!
Homie A: He is a cocknot! That's what he is! A cocknot!!!

Man: Hey you wanna see me stick this dime up my nose ?
Woman: don't be a cocknot!
#unmanly #pussywhipped #pussy #stupid #dumb #knot #cockknot #coknot
by Taurus_3579 August 18, 2010
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