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Someone who's Sexual Diet Consists of Only Penis or Male Body Parts.They dont take kindly to the Vagina or Other Female Body Parts
Marchand:Im a Cocknivore
Wilburn:Me to
Marchand:We should go Skiing sometime Then
Wilburn:That Sounds Grand
Danny and Joey:Well were Vagitarians
Marchand:Fuck that,The Vag Blows almost as Much as me and Wilburn.
Wilburn:Yeah I perfer the The Sperm Whale over the Bearded Clam.
Danny and Joey:Screw you guys were Going Home.
Wilburn:Ryan wanna come over and play Viva Pinata with the Eskimos.
Ryan:Sure you can play with my Joy Stick.
by Danny D. and Joey T. March 02, 2008
Someone whos Sexual Diet Consist of Only Man Flesh(Ex. Penis)and does not like the Female Vagina or other body parts.
Ryan Marchand:Im a Cocknivore
Austin Wilburn:Yeah me to
Ryan Marchand:Cool we Should go Skiing sometime
Austin Wilburn:Sounds Grand
by Danny D. and Joey T. March 01, 2008
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