1.A person you'd think loves the cock in their mouth.

2. Someone who you'd think would give the best blowjobs.

1.That guy the other day probably loves the cockmouth

2. Did you see that girl the other day at the pub? I bet she gives some mean cockmouth.
by Cozza_4123 February 07, 2009
One experiences cockmouth when they are near or around a guy (or guys) and want to impress them with either their bullshit lies or actual awesome stories. Either way, when you are being a cockmouth, you just sound like a bragging bitch. A tell tale sign that you are suffering from cockmouth is when the people around you cannot stop rolling their eyes.
Julia: Yeah, Brad, I totally bungee jumped off of that bridge in Sydney, right after I explored the reef and fended off a giant sting ray who was trying to mate with my bestie. Did I tell you, I'm a trained animal psychiatrist, oh, and that stingray thing totes made me a local celebrity.

Sarah: (rolls eyes) Wow, Julia just won't shut her big fucking cockmouth.
by lifewithlemons November 15, 2011
When a person opens their mouth wide while playing a sport.
Carolina had a cockmouth when she dunked the ball.
by chitownluv35 July 30, 2008
1. When someone's breath smells like a cock from suckin' some D brosephina!
She has cock mouth because she jus' suck yo' daddy's dick RA!!
by RainmanRa June 17, 2009
A man who sucks another man's penis. An extremelely gay person.
Kenny is a cockmouth for technically sucking drew's penis. I'm sure drew didn't mind though.
by Yamo May 22, 2006

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