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Any woman who sleeps with so many guys that she can't remember their names, and doesn't know the last names of the babies she has ever few months. Gilrs like this are usually obvious to spot, because they flirt and groop all over any guy, having very low standards, and are ready and willing the give a blow job to anything shaped like a penis.
The Mathews sisters are totally cockmagnets! There's 8 of them, and their mother has two more coming later this year? Are they ever going to go out and get some hobbies or maybe even a job? I feel sorry for them.
by hekifier is the greatest May 08, 2009
1 7
its the wee early morning hours between 2 and 6am when the moon pulls from the earth causing your penis to erect itself in a manner like the tide in the ocean pulling it up and up and up and away
coc`ock/mag-net this morning my cock magnet accidently poked my G/Fs eye out oops
by tonedeath July 17, 2005
41 14
A girl who is adept at attracting men, typically one with large over sized breasts and ass and a small waist, accompined by little (or no) clothing
Girlfreind "were you looking at that cock magnet?"
BLoke "no way bitch, now make me my tea!"
by Des Murphy January 19, 2004
53 30
A person who attracts other people's penises

When somebody's penis feels gravitation towards somebody/something
**Mark is walking down the hallway when suddenly he feels his penis pull his whole body towards Lucas as if there was some kind of magnetic gravitation**

Mark & Lucas: "What the fuck??"
Mark: "You are such a cock magnet, Lucas."
Lucas: "No, YOU are the cock magnet, Mark!"

by Cock Commando January 15, 2009
23 2
A male of a homosexual nature.
Tyrone is such a cockmagnet.
by Nik C. October 10, 2003
9 2
One who is attracted to cock, and attracks cock.
Fred Nott has a cockmagnet.
'Ah yeah, you a Fred Nott?'-Are you Gay?
'does this car have a cockmagnet?'
by vintage hazmeister March 26, 2009
1 1
Typically defined as your mother.
Wow, your mom is the biggest cock magnet I've seen since your sister.
by mya cunthertz September 22, 2007
14 15