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A combination of three penises forming in such a way as to create a small enough passage way so that a fourth penis may fuck that formation of three penises. Usually the formation involves two penises, creating the lower portion of the cockgina, and the final penis on top, creating the upper portion of the cockgina and increasing the friction felt by the fourth penis.
Burris: Yo man, have you ever fucked a cockgina before?

Me: Ya! Ty, Danny, and Scott let me fuck their cockgina last night!
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by Sky Trees January 05, 2009
The characteristic of a vagina after it has been fucked so many times, it falls out of the body and hangs like a penis would. In most cases, the vagina might turn inside out, but in rare, most slutty occasions, the vagina just slips out of the female body. Nobody has ever spotted a cock-gina, but, with the excessive amounts of whores out there, we're almost positive they exist. Cock-ginas can be enjoyed by both sexes. You can insert a penis inside of it, and you can also insert it inside of a vagina or anus.
Tom: "Did you have sex with Justine last night?"
James: "No, I was about to, but I looked between her legs and noticed she had a cock-gina."
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by The Nastifier. September 30, 2010
a male or females attempt to sexchange but things went bad in o.r
my cousin josh now has a cockgina because the doctors fucked up
#cock #vag #vagia #penis #meatstick
by mclout4226 September 23, 2009
the mix between a man and a woman otherwise known as a transvesdite
blaire is a cockgina.
#transvesdite #shman #heart posted note #notepad #blaire cutler
by little burger July 27, 2009
a combination of a cock and a vagina
that's one ugly M.F. cockgina
by jake the snake February 12, 2005
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