saher and harveer are prime examples of cockflops, they instantly make a boy lose a boner

bobby: she just touched it and my cock floped

jon: thats cuz theyr cockflops

oli: camp hill scum!
by camp hill scum October 15, 2007
Top Definition
1) The act of delivering an inexplicably disappointing performance, usually within the context of a college football game or season in which you were highly favored or ranked; 2) The act of failing miserably on a grand athletic stage when your fan base expects you to be better than you were in previous years even though your best players have all been drafted; 3) Beating the #1 ranked team in the country, only to fall to the conference Cellar dweller the next week.
In back to back weeks the heavily Favored South Carolina Gamecocks blow a late 14 point lead against Kentucky and Missouri, that is a full blown Cock-Flop!
by Wildcat2014SEC October 10, 2014
(verb): To move or throw ones penis in a heavy, clumsy, or relaxed manner. (Usually considered vulgar)
That man wasnt paying attention and did a cockflop right into the pool.
by ShackleferdR March 29, 2009
Early signs of erectile dysfunction.
Poor Benny can't even put a condom on because he has cock flop....or.... I was recently informed that cock flop is an early warning sign of heart disease.
by Mr. Jabbers May 20, 2008
The art of slapping someone with your cock. Usually, in the face.
Kevin cock flopped Jerry after the fight.
by Knate63 June 10, 2006
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