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Adj. The likeliness that one's penis will break the barrier of the fly thus flopping out. Usually used to describe boxer shorts.
I can't wear these boxers whilst slip and sliding, they're way too cockflopable.
by Jesty April 18, 2006
n. Variation of Mexican. An upper middle class hispanic person. Especially a hispanic frat boy.
A: Was that party kickin?
B: No, just a bunch of taxicans sitting around drinking Bacardi.
A: Lame.
B: Yeah.
by Jesty April 18, 2006
v. vaginal sex. Refer to Fluting
Me: Hey baby, mind if I fill the fluting?
Her: What are you talking about?
Me: You'll see. . .
by Jesty April 18, 2006
n. Pronounced as Floo-ting. A vagina. Reference to a term in architecture meaning a decorative groove.
I'd like to fill her fluting!
by Jesty April 18, 2006

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