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one who sows the seeds of cock over the fields
xxxxx is a cockfarmer!
by hound January 16, 2004
15 8
Someone who cultivates cock for the purpose of feeding him or herself
by anonymous October 03, 2003
25 14
A person who is quite appaling, see also twunt.
Did you see Arsene Wenger on Match of the Day, what a cockfarmer?
by Henley Regatta November 04, 2010
5 0
one who farms dicks anyway they can, (i.e sucking, taking in the ass)
person1: dude that whore is a cock farmer
person2: ya she sucked it from me yesterday
by catkiller May 17, 2008
6 1
A girl of questionable standards, or a slut, that loves the male penis.
That slut Sharonda just did the entire football team...what a cockfarmer.
by lambdachiguy1129 April 25, 2006
8 8