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To be excited about the cock.

1)Used to describe slutty girls and gays who enjoy the cock and look like they would enjoy some at this moment.
2) Used also to joke about a guy friends sexuality if he says something about the cock to where he seems excited.
1) Dude, she wants your dick! She's so cockcited right now!
2) The friend comments on a photo of someone drinking a Diet Coke with "DIET COCK!!!" then he's cockcited!
by Ed The Ringleader April 03, 2011

To be excited about the cock.

1.)Used for girls/gays who enjoy cock and get excited about it.

2.) Or used for guy friends or enemies you enjoy making fun of.
Ex.1) Look at how she licked her lips when she saw that cock. She must be cockcited

Ex.2) A guy friend of yours says "DIET COCK!!!" in a joke reference to a Diet Coke. it is ok to call him "cockcited"
by Ed The Ringleader March 30, 2011
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