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A term used to describe someone who has a Cock and is a Boy.

More commonly used slang terms describe someone that is stupid or has no life and never got any pussy. Therfore cockboys are not the shit.

Cockboys suck their own cock because thats all they can get unlike Niles Lao who is not a Cockboy because his cock is too big...hes a cockmaster.

Cockboys love penis in their ear for example Felix-Jahn Mediodia Navarro who is a cockboy. Dreas a cock boy because shes a boy and has a cock...but Niles Lao's cock will always be bigger.
-felix jhan mediodia navarro is a cockboy
-jessica navarro is a cockboy
-drea is a cockboy
-miranda is a cockboy
-ngrp's are cockboys
-your dad is a cocboy
-your mom is a cockboy
by Imnotchino8 October 14, 2007
8 19
a submissive sexual partner (usually younger)who serves no other purpose but to eat and take cock whenever the dominant partner requires.
'come here you little cock boy and let me give your ass a pounding'
by minges and all April 15, 2003
265 47
a boy or man who is in love with cock.
hey cockboy, i heard you take it in the ass.
by cunthound May 18, 2003
184 48
a cock loving boy who loves the cock and eats ass all day,
watch out for johnny hes a cock boy
by dezz March 12, 2003
129 60
A guy who loves cock and thinks of it every waking second.
That cockboy Paul kept talking about penises at the party yesterday.
by dxrxuxmxs February 11, 2007
89 24
an insult used in the movie "Harold and Kumar Go To Whitecastle" when Roldy is telling off those two douchebags at the end.
"This guy thinks I'm not quick enough, well I got news for you, I AM quick enough........ COCKBOY!" (douchebag guy trying to come up with an comeback after Harold calls him cockboy)
by Darth Sully December 02, 2006
91 26
A kid who's a bitch, loves cock in the ass, the mouth, between the heels of his feet, in his hand, in his ear, both eye sockets, nose, loves going to poundtown and will never turn down a Manhattan Transfer.

Refers to the cock as a big juicy meat rod.
Damn Ty, you's a cock boy.

Damn Ty we tryin' ta crash da club and get hyphy for rizzeal but you finna be a cock boy all da damn time.
by Alex Rathe February 01, 2007
59 25
Individual who enjoys cock way too much. They enjoy being used as a cumdump and a cock slave. They also dream of getting a hard face fuck. If they can find enough willing cocks, they will beg for a blowbang.

Cock boys can often be found in large prisons and will do anything they can to stay there.
"That fag is such a cock boy, he'd suck his own father off."

"Yo Spike, when yo done with dat cock boy, send him over to my cell so I can get me some a dat."
by zanman October 02, 2006
62 29