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when a group of a female's friends form a pact to protect thier friend from any male contact.
oh my god, look at that massive cock blockade around her!
by Ben Jammin February 10, 2005
99 12
An army of cockblockers that set up a fortified wall (circle) in a club so as to not let any guys in
Dude, those chicks have set up a complete cockblockade
by Sdogg_25 February 28, 2011
8 1
Scenario where more than one male or groups of males prevent one person from hooking up or talking to a girl.
Sonny: So did you get with Linda at the party?
Mike: Nah bro, Sam, Dan kept interupting on purpose, and Dustin was cock blocking, it was a freaking cock blockade, I couldn't get through.
by Moojostuff November 18, 2009
4 0
A wall of males, similar to a small row of Roman legions, who take it within themselves to cock block all and every attempt of approaching males to contact a girl in their 20 foot radius. Usually seen in a nightclub setting, this phenomena is practiced mostly by men sporting sunglasses regardless of a lack of lighting.

Connected to the set of rules and guidelines known as "chivalry a-la-Jersey Shore", this act is accepted by guidos and guido aficionados in Jersey and Dearborn, Michigan.
Bro-cuz, this cat obviously can't tell by the amount of gel in our hair that the five girls standing eight feet away from us are our jurisdiction. Lets rally our 3 wallah bro-troops, put on our sunglasses, and enforce this cock blockade.
by MuckFichigan? January 06, 2011
4 1
When a group of people (usually friends) gang up on you and "block" you from having sex with a woman. It is different than cock block in the fact that it involves multiple people.
(Open door with girlfriend to find all my friends)

Me: Dammit! It's a cock blockade!
by Caseyds620 December 14, 2010
4 7