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A girl who likes the cock, and will do anything just to have the cock.
Try not to suck any dick on the way to the parking cockbandit!
by Patric Parton December 09, 2003
19 6
Someone who looooves the cock.
Fuck off you cock bandit.
by JohnWayne November 29, 2005
76 44
Another phrase for a raving homosexual. It is best used with the phrase "Ass-riding" in front of it.

Perhaps the best phrase ever.
Freddy Sanchez: Your a faggot, HAHA!
Touche Man: You sir, are an ass-riding cock bandit.
(end of arguement)
by FEDER4TION August 30, 2006
41 22
A person who loves to take cock, especially in the mouth.
Namely a female cock whore or bitch.
"Yeah bitch! You're a real cock bandit! HAHA, take that dick!" - Fred Flinstone
by TheCockBandit November 14, 2009
5 5
1. A derogatory term used to describe a gay man.
2. An insult, most often used between males, meant to imply that one is homosexual
1. I left because they kept calling me a cock bandit
2.Stop staring at my ass you cock bandit
by Little Giant - Longhorn December 16, 2005
20 26