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To shoot someone in the face with a shotgun. Found mostly in video game circles such as GTA4.
"Oh sick, Lockhart totally just Cobain-ed that guys face off. Its all over the f*cking pavement".
by Lockhart May 17, 2008

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The feeling of such bordom at work that one ponders suicide. Generally happens after 8 empty hours of staring at a computer.
I was so cobained at work yesterday that I tried to kill myself drinking, but it didn't work.
by Misanthropic2DaMax February 24, 2012
An abnormally large amount of male semen released from the penis that builds up over a period of time with no masturbation, sexual acts, or any activity involving semen release.
"Dude, I hadn't jerked it in a week and a few days ago Mary was blowin' my dolphin and I totally cobained it right in her throat!"
by mumanderso November 23, 2008
Killed by your wife or girl friend
I slept with Megans mom last night, i hope i dont get Cobained when she finds out.
by SMUD October 01, 2006
Being such a shitbag faggot that you decide to take a triple dose of Heroine and blast yourself in the face with a shotgun.
That one shitty lyricist from the band Nirvana who can't play the guitar cobained himself.
by DirtyWord November 29, 2007
One who was transformed by and/or drawn in by Kurt Cobain, to the point of a full life change.
Dude what's with the flannel shirt and ripped jeans... you are so cobained.
There are currently 3 people here cultivating the Kurt Cobain look.
by Vinny March 02, 2005
The point one arrives at after overdosing on THC; where you literally cannot function to the point where you might as well take a shotgun blast to the face.
"Holy fuck, Chris is Cobained."
"Oh man, I'm Cobained."
"Hasak just hit the ground, I think he's Cobained."
by Chris March 05, 2004