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The inexplicable tendency of people to obsess about a dead rock musician whom they don't like, to the point of wasting their time bashing him on irrelevant websites. Thought by psychotherapists to stem from sexual confusion.
Wow, I'm sick of all these lamestains who post negative crap about Nirvana on Youtube and Urban Dictionary. Too bad about the Cobain effect, iddnit?
by Juan Non-lamestain July 10, 2008
The cobain effect is when a band experiences a huge boost in popularity after the over-sensationalized death of one of the members. Can also describe and undeserved inflation of respect.
Man who actually lived through the ninties: "Nirvana was mediocre at best"

Teenie Bopper: "WHAT!!! COBAIN IS A GOD!!!"

Man who actually lived through the ninties: "Cobain effect"
by Patho138 April 22, 2007
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