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The name given to the person who hovers around the front door at parties who greets everyone who comes in like a butler or maid would do at a fancy reception while also asking, "Can I take your coat Sir/Ma'am?"
Your friend: "Hey where's Matt?"
You: "He's on coat check."

Matt (by the front door as people are entering): Hey guys, welcome to the party!
by 509Sierra August 26, 2011
a condescending way to describe a socially bankrupt residence or situation, resulting in the following behavior. after some safe-sex with a less desirable, discard your used condom into the tramp's spent orifice and leave quickly.
bro, that girl's house was disgusting! she had, fuckin', old phonebooks and kittens everywhere. i mean, yeah i fucked her, but i finished fast, hit the coat check, and bounced.
by Schuyler The Liar October 03, 2010
Restaurant term; when a very hot lady is sitting at a table, and other managers & servers need to check her out.
Hey Curtis, coat-check table 40!
by dj tom and curtis suck January 21, 2011
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